When ‘The Crocodile King’ Returns: What It Means For Crocodiles, Predators, And The Future Of Wildlife Diversity

In the fall of 2019, we’re thrilled to share the news that we’re releasing an exclusive clip from the first half of Crocodilians’ fifth and final season.

The clip opens with a series of shots of a crocodile running down the street, as a human walks past.

We then see a group of humans holding their hands in the air, and as they walk away, the crocodile appears and grabs one of them.

In the clip, the camera pans up and shows a female crocodile holding a male.

She then looks up and lets out a low, low scream, which the audience can hear throughout the clip.

The croc then drops its head into the croc’s body, and it then disappears, presumably into the sea.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this kind of imagery in a documentary, but we’re really happy to see it here, and we couldn’t be more excited to see how this all plays out in the future.

Crocodilian fans will be happy to know that the show is also getting a follow-up movie, titled Crocodilia, which is set for a 2019 release.

The film will be directed by Michael Haneke, who helmed The Crocodils, Crocodility, and the Crocodiler.

Crocilia is scheduled to be released in theaters on November 27, 2019.

Watch the footage below, and look for more news about the Crocillians’ season as it emerges.