How to make your own superhero costume from scratch with a simple Lego set

Posted November 06, 2018 12:10:30A set of Lego superhero costumes that would be perfect for the superhero movie franchise is here.

A set of 12 of the hero costumes can be made from just a few Lego bricks and the process is relatively simple.

It takes a couple of hours to make a set, but it’s definitely worth the time.

A lot of people are probably asking how to make their own superhero costumes.

The answer is simple.

The best way to make an exact replica of a superhero costume is with Lego.

There are a lot of different parts and each Lego set is different.

Here’s a guide on how to do it:1.

Make your own Lego Lego set with your favorite characters:There are so many different Lego sets that you can create your own superheroes costumes.

This is the best time to do this because it’s the summer and we’re getting ready for the movie superhero season.

You can make your Lego set the exact same as you would make any other Lego set.2.

Make sure you have a lot.

A lot.

Of course you don’t need to have all 12 Lego sets, but having a lot is always good.

A few extra Lego sets could also help.

Here’s a list of the most popular Lego sets and how much each one costs.3.

Get the Lego sets you want.

There’s no limit to how many Lego sets can be used.

You don’t have to buy every Lego set, you can just buy as many as you want and make a Lego set of them together.

This makes it easier to make smaller sets and gives you more time to build each one.

A good rule of thumb is to buy as much Lego as you can afford.

If you want a set of 10 Lego bricks, that’s not a bad idea.

It’s better to buy 10 Lego sets than 20 Lego sets.4.

Make the costume.

You’ll need the Lego set you made and some kind of glue or paint.

Make a few coats of the glue or coat it in some kind the Lego and paint it.

You need to get a lot for the costume to look exactly like the costume you’re trying to recreate.5.

Get your Lego sets together.

It can be really easy to get your Lego costumes into one bag or another.

This can be done easily by simply folding the Lego costumes together.

If it’s not, try folding them together again.

You should have a bag of Lego costumes ready to go.

Once you’ve finished assembling your Lego costume, you’ll need to add the paint and glue to the Lego.

Add the glue to your costume and then add the Lego to your bag.

When you’re done, the bag will look like this.6.

Cut out the Lego costume.

When your costume is done, you should have some sort of piece of Lego inside.

The part you want to cut out is the face part.

You will need to use a pair of scissors to cut a piece of the Lego face.7.

Make it look good.

It should look like a superhero movie costume with all the characters from the film.

You might have to make some small adjustments, but the end result should be pretty good.

If the costume looks too good to be true, you may need to make it better.8.

Make fun of your costume.

This might be fun for the Lego movie fans, but you don.

You could try to make the costume a bit different from the comic book movie movie, but try to do that to yourself as well.

You may even want to do some other kind of parody.

I would never do something like this in real life, but I would make fun of my Lego costume on Twitter or on Instagram if I was in the mood for that.9.

Make more Lego costumes.

You are only limited by your imagination, so you might as well make some other Lego costumes of your own.

You really only have so much imagination.

You only have to add some more Lego sets to your Lego bag, and you can make even more costumes.10.

Share your Lego superhero costume with your friends and family.

Make Lego sets for people to make fun and share with them.

It will probably make your friends laugh as well as your family and friends.