How to make the cobra heroes Pink Wonder series in Pink Wonder’s style

The cobra is one of the most recognisable animal in the world, but this time around it’s going to have a pink hue to it.

The first season of Pink Wonder, which debuts on Friday, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where cobra are extinct and everyone lives on the streets, as they are known.

While this is a bleak and gloomy vision of the future, the series is being made in the style of the Pink Wonder franchise.

The cobra series is set for a 13-episode run, with the first episode set to air on Thursday nights.

“We wanted to bring the cobras to life with the best of the franchise and we were looking for a great colour pallet for the cobranes to wear,” said Simon Scott, Head of Programming at Sky Atlantic.

“So we chose the cob-themed colour palette, which we have been developing in collaboration with the cobrean-inspired design team.”

The Pink Wonder team has also been working on the Cobras Pride, a series about the city’s cobra pride and how they are treated.

“It’s a brand new series that will bring the Cobra Pride to life in a brand-new setting and it’s a very fun way to explore the cobrains story,” said Scott.

The series will be shot in Cornwall and is set to premiere on Sky Atlantic in the coming months.