A few cobras at the zoo, but not much else to report?

Cobra Heroes, the popular pet rescue group that provides free, low-cost care to wildlife, said Monday that the city of Denver was one of five pet rescue groups it has partnered with to provide free care to its own animals.

The nonprofit organization, which has since expanded to include pet care in the Houston area, said in a statement that it was grateful to have received a few cobra-sized kitties at the Denver Zoo on Sunday.

But the group also said it was disappointed to find that the animal care workers there had not been able to keep the animals in good health.

“The fact that the rescue team wasn’t able to care for the animals or feed them is disappointing, especially given the fact that they are small and fragile,” said a statement from Cobra Heroes co-founder James M. Wigfield Jr.

The statement said the rescue workers were unable to provide sufficient space for the rescued animals, including a cage for the large cobra.

Wigfield added that the rescuers were unable in any way to provide any treatment to the animals.

“While we were unable and unwilling to provide a cage to the cobra, we do not feel any pain,” the statement said.

“The rescue team has been working around the clock since yesterday, providing care and care of the animals and will continue to do so until the animals are well enough to be released.”

According to Wigfields, the rescue teams have already been in contact with the Denver Animal Shelter and Animal Care and Control, but he said they were unable so far to get in touch with the city.

“We will continue our efforts and hope to receive a call back from Denver City Council shortly,” Wigfers statement read.