Hero costumes: The cobra costume from the video game is worth a visit to Disneyland

Cobras are iconic characters in the video games and the animated series, but the film version is now making a comeback at Disneyland.

 Disneyland officials say they have added a new version of the film to their attraction, called Cobra Hero, for the holiday season.

The original version was first shown at Disneyland Paris in 2016.

Hero costumes were inspired by the game, and the characters from the game were given new make-up and costumes for the film.

The film also includes a scene that sees a female character who wears a cobra mask wearing the same costume as a female hero.

The character in the film, played by Jennifer Connelly, was originally supposed to be a female villain.

She is voiced by Jennifer Garner, who plays the character in The Hunger Games, which is a Disney animated series.

This video will have you in a Cobra mood, with a little bit of a hint of the movie to get you through the day: In the film a male hero is given a Cobras costume, but he ends up getting kidnapped by the villain, who is revealed to be the cobra.