Which is the Best LEGO Hero Series?

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In the first six months of the year, there were just under 2.2 million LEGO sets available for sale, the most of any year in the history of the company.

On Thursday, Warner Bros. will release its LEGO Hero series, which includes the latest wave of its popular LEGO Dimensions series.

There’s no need to pick up a set if you haven’t yet, but if you’re already in the know, this year’s LEGO series has a handful of heroes, ranging from the diminutive hero “Ace” to the larger-than-life “Cobra.”

A few of the best-known characters in the LEGO series include Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but we’d also like to point out that the LEGO Hero franchise has also featured the iconic Spider-Man, The Flash, The Black Cat, and more.

The LEGO series, created by Tom Lord, has a lot of heroes.

You could spend all day on your favorite LEGO set and never see a single one of them.

But, unlike the Lego series, there are so many heroes in this series that you can really get a feel for them.

Here’s what we thought of the heroes in each LEGO Hero, starting with the most famous, Batman.


Batman (2016)Batman: The Dark Knight (2008)Superman (1961)Wonder Woman (1982)2.

Superman (2005)The Flash (2014)Supergirl (1999)The Atom (1986)3.

Wonder Woman (1999-2002)Batman and the Green Lanterns (1977)Batman (1951)The Justice League (1999-)The Flash and the Teen Titans (1978)The Black Canary (1986-1990)The Joker (1990)4.

The Atom (1984)Supermen (1968-1986)The Fantastic Four (1974)5.

Batman and Robin (2001)The Dark Knight Returns (2005-2008)6.

Batman/Superman: The Animated Series (2010)Superfriends (1995)The Outsiders (1992)7.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (1997-2004)The New Adventures of Batman (2005-)The Dark Knights Trilogy (2005, 2012, and 2019)8.

Batman & Robin (2008-2010)The Birds of Prey (2001-2005)9.

Batman Beyond (2009-2012)The Man of Steel (1998-2000)The Batman Adventures (1989)The Animated Series: The New Adventures (2011-2015)10.

The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three (2015-2018)The Martian (2015-)The Birds (2009-)11.

Batman Returns (2008-)The Batmobile (1978-1981)12.

Batman Begins (1980-1983)13.

Batman Forever (1982-1987)14.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016-)15.

The Batman (2014-)The Green Lantern Corps (1990-1993)The Gotham Girls (2003-)The Suicide Squad (2015)The CW’s Gotham (2018-)The CW series: The CW (2018-2019)There’s a ton of great characters in this list, and we’d love to hear from you about what you think of the LEGO heroes in your favorite series.

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