When Cobras Speak Here, the Cobras Come Alive!

The Cobras!

The Cobra Heroes!

The Cobra Speak Here!

It’s Cobra Day!

It’ll be a big day for the cobras, and the Cobra Team!

It can’t get any better than this!

Welcome to Cobra Day at the Cobra Headquarters!

Today, the Cobra Heroes and the Cobra Speak Here are celebrating their 1st Cobra Anniversary!

The time has come for us to celebrate Cobra Day with some amazing events!

Here are some highlights: Cobras and Cobra Speak!

First, let’s take a look at what Cobra Day will bring to your Cobra Club!

As you might have noticed, there will be a special Cobra Day Party on the Cobra HQ!

Cobra Team Members, Cobra Teams, and Cobra Leaders will be present to celebrate with a VIP Dinner and a Cobra Day Brunch!

Cobra Speak: Cobra Day is here!

Today is Cobra Day.

Today is the day you get to hear the Cobra Speak, the voice of Cobra!

And you won’t want to miss it!

It was designed specifically to give Cobra Team members the opportunity to express their passion for Cobra, while also providing Cobra Leaders with the opportunity for their Cobra Speak to be heard by the Cobra Leader. 

In addition, you’ll also hear a special live performance by the Cobrapers, the team behind Cobra Speak.

In celebration of the Cobra Day celebration, Cobra Speak will also feature Cobra Speak’s special guest, the legendary singer, songwriter, and producer Johnny Cash! 

A special Cobra Show is also on today.

A special Cobra show is when a Cobra team member is allowed to speak to a Cobra speaker, or when a member of the Cobreans’ team is given the opportunity! 

There will be special guest appearances from: The Cobras: Cobra Speak! 

Crocodile Joe, Cobra Chief, Cobra Boss, and even Cobra’s Cobra Talker, Johnny Cash, will be in attendance! 

Johnny Cash, Cobra Talk, and a special performance by Johnny Cash will also be on display. 

The Cobra Talkers: We are also celebrating Cobra Day by having the Cobra Talk Podcast host a special show. 

Coby Talk is a show featuring interviews with Cobras from all across the world. 

Check out the CobraTalk Podcast to see what Cobra Talk is all about! 

Here are some additional details for the Cobra team. 

All Cobra Members are invited to attend. 

Each member of Cobra Teams will receive a Cobra Speak Package. 

Members of the team will also receive a complimentary Cobra Speak Breakfast, along with the Cobra Meet-and-Greet with Cobra Leader, and all of the benefits of Cobra Day, including the Cobra Dinner, Cobra Day Special, Cobra Dinner and the first Cobra Day BBQ. 

A VIP Dinner will be available for all Cobra Members. 

Please note that Cobra Speak is a different event than the Cobra Lunch.

The Cobra Meet and Greet will be on Friday, May 19th, from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm.

VIP Members will receive the VIP Dinner, along a VIP Meet-And-Gather with Cobra Leaders, and will receive all the benefits from Cobra Day including the VIP Breakfast, the VIP Meet and Go, the first Cocktail Hour, and more! 

Membership for Cobra Speak and Cobra Lunch will also include an invitation to a special VIP Cocktail Party at Cobra HQ on Friday May 20th.

Membership packages are available for both Cobra Meet & Go and Cocktail Parties. 

For those who are Cobra Talk fans, the special Cobra Talk Show will be broadcast on Saturday, May 21st, on CBSSN at 7:30pm EST. 

If you are not a Cobra Talk fan, there is still a way to get your Cobra Talk Package!

The first 500 Cobra Members who sign up will receive their Cobra Talk Packages at a special discounted price! 

If your Cobra Team member is a Cobra Speaker, you will receive your Cobra Speak Packages as well! 

Sign up for the CobaTalk Group and receive a free Cobra Talk Breakfast and all the Cobra Party Benefits! 

The VIP Dinner Package will include a VIP Cocktails Lunch with a special guest and all Cobra Party benefits! 

Please be sure to bring your Cobra speakers, and if you have any questions, we are always here to answer them! 

For all the Cobrats and Cobras, the best Cobra Day present is the Cobra Walk! 

Join us for a special walk to honor the Cobarros! 

Check back tomorrow for a full list of Cobra Meet And Go packages, and our regular Cobra Lunch Package! 

Are you a Cobra Member? 

If so, please sign up to our Cobarrenation Group to receive the Cobra Speech Package.

Or, you can also sign up on our website to receive your free Cobra Lunch and Cocktails Package.