How to build your first web app: the Cobra hero

The first step is to create an app and its a matter of choosing a template. 

This is where the name Cobra comes in.

The hero template is a set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that you can use to build an app that can talk to your smartphone and interact with the web.

It’s very similar to a normal app, but instead of creating a new HTML file and using it as a template, you just copy and paste the files from the template into your app.

For example, the Cobrapost HTML template contains a header that tells the browser how to look up a news article.

The same header and footer appear in your app’s HTML file. 

Cobra’s template is designed for simplicity, but it has some useful features. 

First, it’s not really a web app, so you can’t use a static site generator like React.js to build one.

You’ll need to make your app work in any browser, even IE. 

Second, if you’re building a website for your business, it makes sense to keep it simple.

If you have an app with a simple interface that is built with the best practices in mind, you’ll likely find that the code is much easier to maintain and maintain over time. 

Third, if your app is only used by a small number of people, you can build it as an app without having to think about a whole lot of things.

For most people, building a web site that is only ever used by their friends or family members is a great way to test your app before they start using it. 

And lastly, you don’t have to worry about any of the complexities of web development.

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