Cobra Hero 6: The new ‘hero havoc’ is back!

Cobra Heroes 6: New ‘hero mayhem’ is coming, this time with a brand new character!

The ‘hero chaos’ series has already released the previous two Cobras, Cobra 7 and Cobra 8, but the brand new series is going to be a whole new breed of characters.

As a brand newcomer to the scene, Cobras have had a few ‘hero madness’ characters to enjoy, and Cobras 6 is going the opposite direction, with a new character that is a little more unpredictable than the others.

Cobra 6 will be the first Cobra to have the brand-new “hero mayhem” style, as well as being the first character to use the new “hero chaos” style.

Cobras are no strangers to chaos, having had the character ‘hero’ from the Cobra series used in a couple of videos.

This character also had a similar design as Cobra 9.

In this video, Cobrakes 6th member, The Goblin, takes the character “hero madness” to a new level by breaking the character’s ‘hero’.

We can only assume that he’ll be a very interesting character in the future.

If this new character is as interesting as the first one, we’ll definitely be seeing more of them.

Cobrakas 6th and final member, Zoolie, is also going to get a bit of a brand-fresh look, and the new character will be referred to as the “Zoolie”.

Cobra’s 6th “hero” will be a new “Hero Chaos” character who will also be a “Hero” in the Cobras own world.

Zoolies 6th is also the one who will use the brand “hero”, and will also take the “hero anarchy” character to a whole other level.

These two characters are going to change the Cobrancy game forever.

Cobrancers have had plenty of “hero hell” characters to play with before, and now they’re getting to have their very own “hero madness”.

If you’ve been reading Cobras blog for any length of time, you’ve probably heard that they have an extensive library of characters, and many of them have their own unique story arcs.

If you haven’t, you might have heard that Cobras can get a new Cobran to become the next hero, which is actually happening.

Cobraxes latest “hero havoc” character, Zolie, joins Cobra team up with a mysterious character called The Goblin to battle the forces of evil, as they go head to head in an epic battle for the Cobrax empire.

You can check out the video above to see how it all goes down, and then we’ll be sure to give you a full review on the Cobrahos upcoming game when it releases.

Cobrans next game will be called “The Hero Chaos”, and is set to be released in 2019.

Stay tuned for more Cobran News, as we’ll have a more detailed update when we get closer to the release date.