What is Cobra Heroes and why are they great?

Cobra heroes are the first of the cobra series and are set to return in 2018.

This is their first series, and they are set in a different universe.

They are also the first series in the cobras world to not have a super hero or villain.

The first series was set in the same universe as the current series.

It’s an important distinction, as it allows the story to run in parallel to the current events, with the new characters appearing in a time that has not yet happened.

This allows for a greater sense of continuity, and allows for the new series to feel more distinct.

A major element of this is that each of the main characters has their own story arc, but they all follow a similar path.

This helps keep the characters moving, and makes the overall plot of the series more interesting.

The new series also has a different set of heroes and villains.

Cobras are not known for their good intentions, and it’s important that they are given the chance to redeem themselves.

There’s a lot to like about the series, but its clear that this is a different story.

The show is still young, and the characters have yet to grow into their full personalities, but this should only serve to grow the franchise as a whole.

If you liked Cobras previous series, you’ll enjoy this new one.