Why does this cobra love her best friend?

Posted August 07, 2019 05:10:30The first half of the movie is about the first couple, a couple that loves each other, a very cute couple.

The second half is about Cobras new love interest, her best bud, and her struggle to deal with this new person.

The film is a great movie and the ending is so sweet, but I think its time for some more story.

Let’s start with Cobra hero, and Cobra kamis best friend. 

This cobra loves her best bro! 

Cobra is very cute and playful and loves to have fun, but it gets boring after a while.

Cobra is the only one who is really friendly and fun, shes the only cobra that likes to hang out with other cobras.

She is a bit shy but if she has a good time, she will be very happy.

Cobras best friend is very sweet and gentle and is very good with her hands. 

Coby loves to hangout with Cobras sister, Kani. 

Kani loves to play with Cobres best friend, Mok. 

Mok loves to hug and play with his best friend Cobra. 

When Mok is the biggest of the bunch, it doesnt mean he is the smartest.

Mok loves and loves playing with his friends best friend and likes to take them on adventures together. 

One day, Kari comes and takes a look at the cobra and asks what he is doing. 

“What is it?”

Cobra says. 

Lets say he said, “Playing with Kari”. 

“Ok” Mok says, “You know what, I don’t know if you know what it is, but this is the first time I have ever seen one.” 

“Oh ok” Cobra responds. 

Then Mok asks him, “What is that?” 

“That” Kari says.

“And that” Cobras answers. 

Now Kari wants to tell him, but Mok interrupts, “Thats not a question” “But I am” Moks answer. 

I want to tell you something. 

The first time he saw Cobra he thought that she was cute and she was the most cute of the cobras, but she didnt seem to care. 

After she saw him, she got jealous and started talking to him, and it turned out that she didnt like him, at all. 

He thought that it was just because he was from another planet, and he didnt want to be the one to go with them. 

It didnt make any sense to him. 

And thats when she started getting very jealous and wanted to go out with him.

She started telling him, that she wanted to meet him and be with him and love him, as if he were her bestie. 

At that point, she was like, “Ok” and wanted him to go for it, but he didnt think she would ever go for that, he didnt care.

I think this is when his feelings for Kari and the cobre are stronger. 

(Source: YouTube) Mikal and Kari are the most fun and adorable of the group, and their love for each other is so strong, and its one of the reasons why theyre so happy together.

Their friendship will be so strong when they are old, and Mikal is the oldest of the team. 

Their friendship will continue until they get old. 

You know when youre older and your love grows stronger?

Its called a crush.

When youre younger, and your crush grows weaker? Its love. 

What I am saying is that they both love each other and are very close friends. 

There is no love in the world that doesn’t feel like a crush on your best friend! 

(source: YouTube: Mok) Kari and Mok have a lot in common.

They are both beautiful, and they love to hang with each other. 

They are both very smart and love to play together.

They both love their jobs and want to do good work.

They have a wonderful relationship, and the two are very much in love.

(source: youtube) So whats the problem with their friendship?

 Well, youre probably thinking that they arent in love and they dont really want to get together.

Thats not true.

Moks romantic feelings for his best bud and for Kami are very strong, because he doesnt have a real love for her. 

So why does Mok feel that way?

Well, because Mok thinks that he can do better than his friend.

He wants to be like him and help him out with his work. 

To be honest, I think he is right, but why is he doing this?

Because Mok has a crush of his own