The Cobras Romance: The Movie

article Now in its second instalment, Cobras: The Romantic, the latest in the Cobras trilogy, follows the romance of Cobra and Cobra hero.

The movie follows the adventures of Cobras ‘ partner, Princess Vixen, as she struggles to get along with her boyfriend, the leader of the Cobra team, Roxy.

The movie has been directed by Michael Jai White, and stars the likes of Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Tom Hiddleston, Emily Blunt and Lucy Liu.

It is out in cinemas now.

Here is a look at the Cobram hero costume from the movie.

Source: RTE/YouTube (via io9)Cobra: The Romance: A Movie review (RTE)A new film in the new Cobras series, Cobra: the Romantic, is set to be released on the 18th August, but fans are still waiting for the movie to come out. 

In the new film, which is based on the original Cobras animated series, the Cobranes love story follows Cobra as he and his love interest Vixens love triangle continues on their journey to find their true love.

As part of the movie, the two will travel to Australia and try to reconnect with the love of their lives, Vixene, after she was abducted by her former lover, Dr. Cobra.

It is the first time the two have ever met in the film, and the film is set in the world of the original cartoon. 

As part for the new movie, Cobranas love story continues with Vixenes romantic journey to Australia, where the two of them will travel from Australia to find the man who kidnapped Vixes love interest. 

Cobranas romantic journey begins with the two traveling to Australia to seek out Dr. Cobra, who kidnapped her love interest from a hotel room. 

After their first stop, Vexen, the love interest for Vix, is abducted from a diner. 

Dr. Cobran is searching for Vexenes abducted love interest, and is searching through Vix’s apartment. 

The two of the two begin their journey together in an attempt to find her, but when they are caught, Vaxens captor, Dr Cobran, threatens to kill the two. 

Vixes best friend, Rux, who is with Cobrans team, is kidnapped by Dr Cobrans captors. 

 Cobin and Vix are reunited with the man they once loved, but what has been revealed about their relationship, is that they have been married for over 40 years, and their relationship is not going to be as happy as they had hoped. 

It is this love that brings Cobras team together, with the help of the hero who helped to save them, Rox, who can bring a bit of life back into the love triangle. 

(via io10)Cobin’s romance with Rox (Image via Vixena)Vixen’s romance (Photo via Vexena)A movie about a love story between two men, that is going to leave fans wanting more.

The film also stars Emma Thompson and Keira Knightsley. 

I can only hope that this romantic romance will be an emotional rollercoaster ride, that will keep you entertained for hours, with both characters having a great time together. 

And of course, the movie will feature a whole bunch of Cobran’s friends from the Cobreas original cartoon, which includes the adorable Roxy, who looks like she was drawn in the 80s. 

There is no way you are going to like it if you haven’t seen the Cobracains original cartoon series, but if you do, you should check it out.