Cobras ‘cobras speak here’, ‘coby heroes romance’

Cobras’ ‘cobs’ are not a bad thing, according to actor James Franco.

Source: James Franco has admitted that the Cobras are not bad to listen to and has been praising their songs.

James and Cobra star James Franco speaks about the song ‘cobbler’ during an interview with  ABC Radio Melbourne at the Melbourne International Film Festival on Saturday.

Cohen has also been promoting his new film ‘Cobra Heroes’ with the singer.

‘I don’t like the idea of the Cobra singing ‘cobo’, because that sounds like a lot of fun,’ he told ABC Radio in Melbourne on Saturday.(ABC Radio Melbourne)Cobras’ lead singer James Franco told the ABC’s Melbourne Today program that he wasn’t sure what the song was about.

“I think it’s a good song.

I’m not sure,” he said.”

I don-I don?t know.

That sounds like fun.””

I’ve been watching the show and I’ve been listening to it and I can see that it’s an interesting concept to have it being played on a stage in front of the crowd and the crowd can be as loud as they want, and then the Cobas are there singing about it.”

The star also said that his character ‘Coby’ would be singing the song if it wasn’t for a group of people who were not from his native New Zealand.

“They were the ones that helped us make this movie and they’re from New Zealand, they’re Australian,” he explained.

“If it hadn’t been for them, I would’ve been in trouble.”‘

It’s a beautiful day’James told the program that the song is about the “beautiful day” and the fact that it has been so well received.

“It’s been a very exciting time, and I’m looking forward to seeing the audience reaction,” he told the show.

James Franco is set to star in his first Australian movie, ‘Cobo Heroes’, in October.