Why are they all wearing white?

This week, the world learned that Cobras, who are native to the Amazon rainforest, have developed a “super-heroic” voice.

But as they are now being dubbed by their Brazilian fans, they have also been accused of stealing their thunder, with some fans claiming they’re the “crocodiles” of the genre.

What’s the truth?

The answer is, we just don’t know.

Cobras aren’t actually known for being superheroes, so there are no official statistics to tell us how many of them there are.

But the answer to the question “Why are they in white?” is pretty simple: they are.

The reason why they are so popular in Brazil is simple: people love them.

They are the symbol of their country and it’s a popular way of displaying a nation’s identity.

It’s also one of the most popular superhero costumes on the market.

In fact, Brazil has more than 500,000 cobras, the most powerful species of the genus.

The Cobras have a reputation for being brave and courageous, and many people believe that they are the only superheroes in the world that fight monsters.

The name “cobras” comes from a Latin word meaning “to climb”, and the cobra is a species of African crocodile that has a similar shape to a snake.

The species can grow up to 7 feet long, weigh up to 400 pounds and live for about 10 years.

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