LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, the Movie, is coming to PC and Mac in 2018

“I think it’s a really fun game to play with friends,” says developer Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

“You’re just going to play for a long time and it’ll get boring eventually.

So I think that’s what we were thinking about in bringing it over to consoles.

But you never know, maybe the audience is going to be so engrossed in the world that it’s going to disappear in the next two or three years.”

In the future, the studio plans to release more levels for the game and continue to support the game through Steam Greenlight, which allows users to vote for new features and updates.

While this isn’t the first time LEGO has tackled an open world game, it’s one of the first in which players will be able to customize the game world.

“We really wanted to make it something that you could play with up to three friends, because you have a very specific style of play,” says Warner Bros.’

Chris Morgan.

“It’s very much like a Lego Batman game.

You can play it with a group of friends, or you can play with people you’ve never played before.

And you can make the game any way you want it to be.”

Players will also be able purchase in-game items like a new armor set for the protagonist, Batman, and a set of new gadgets for Batman’s sidekick, Catwoman.

Warner Bros has also been able to bring its DC Comics universe to PC with the game.

“The LEGO franchise is a huge property in our portfolio and it’s really a great fit for us to be able bring the LEGO games to PC,” says director of game design and development at Warner Bros, Tim Willits.

“For Batman, it’ll be great for a new audience to see the origin story and to see what kind of game the Caped Crusader is.

For Catwoman, it can be a great new challenge for fans of the franchise.

We’ve been playing with different ways to tell stories with Catwoman in a very different way.”