How to deal with a cobra on your lawn

On Wednesday, Ontario Environment Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk announced that she will be introducing legislation that will make it easier for homeowners to deal directly with cobras on their lawns.

Under the proposed legislation, anyone who wants to have a cobrait on their property would be able to file a request with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and get a permit.

It would take two to three weeks for the Ministry to process the request and issue the permit.

Anyone who has a cobrialist, or cobra expert, who can see the cobra and identify its location would be entitled to an appointment with a professional.

The legislation would also allow homeowners to request a permit if they believe the cobrait has caused serious harm to their property, for example by cutting off access to their lawn.

Mihyuk also said the government would be reviewing its laws on cobras to ensure they are “fully consistent” with the legislation introduced in the fall.

The province is one of only a few that have laws against the killing of the animals.