A new video game called Cobra hero is out and it’s pretty awesome

A new videogame based on the original Batman series is coming to the Nintendo Switch in the United States this fall.

It’s called Cobrapack Hero and it is a first-person shooter game where players take the role of a cyborg who is tasked with protecting a dam in the hopes of stopping a dam breakage in the city of Cobrapacks.

The game, developed by developer Cobrapacker Games, will have a free-roaming mode in which players will fight to protect the dam.

It is currently slated to release in early 2017.

The developers of the game, a Canadian-based studio called Cobracker, said that it was the first videogame to have an in-game story mode and was created to “explore new directions in the series.”

It’s a very fun and creative game that we really believe will be a great fit for Switch, according to Cobrackers CEO Chris Sperling.

He added that the game will have both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The title is available on the Switch for $49.99.