What is a Cobra Kai?

A new type of super vehicle designed to fight the UK’s super-villains – cobra.

The first Cobra Kai was unveiled at the 2016 Detroit Motor Show, but this time, a whole new set of super powers are being thrown into the mix.

Here’s what you need to know.

1 / 11 1: The Cobra Kai 2: The new Cobra Kai, as we know it. 3: The iconic Cobra Kai in action.

4: The latest updates on the Cobra Kai.

5: Why is the Cobra-Kai so badass?

6: How did Cobra Kai come to be?

7: The origins of the Cobra Kai.

8: How the Cobra was developed.

9: How you can get your hands on a Cobra-kai super vehicle.

10: What you need know about the Cobra, the world’s first super vehicle with a super-weapon and its creators.

11: The best Cobra Kai vehicles.