The new Doom’s Doom II is just as good as Doom III

If you want a good old-fashioned, old-school, high-speed shooter, you might want to look elsewhere.

That’s the recommendation of one of the most respected video game developers in the business, who’s now suggesting that the new Doom III is just that, and it’s even better than Doom II.

Speaking with theScore esports, Epic Games cofounder and CEO Tim Sweeney said that Doom III takes its inspirations from the original Doom and Doom II, and also that the game is more like a remake of Doom than a reboot.

“Doom III is a really solid game.

It’s definitely a good sequel,” Sweeney said.

“The first game is a great sequel.

The second game, I think, it’s a little bit different in that it’s about a guy who goes back to the world of Doom.””

It’s a much more challenging game, because there’s no more of the old Doom and there’s really no more old Doom, but it’s still got a lot of old Doom.

The graphics, you know, the visuals of Doom, there’s a lot more of that,” Sweeney continued.

“There’s no less of the Doom 2.

The enemies are a lot tougher, and they’re just as deadly.

It just feels like Doom 3 in a lot bigger scale, and the gameplay is a lot, a lot different.

While the idea of a Doom reboot is a strange one, Sweeney said there’s something appealing about having a new take on the formula.””

I think you’ll like it.”

While the idea of a Doom reboot is a strange one, Sweeney said there’s something appealing about having a new take on the formula.

“We love Doom.

We loved Doom,” Sweeney added.

“And then there’s this new iteration of Doom that’s going to be different than anything that has been done in a long time.

And so, we just want to make sure that it works and that it succeeds in the right way, and we’re just very passionate about that.”

While Doom III has been a long-time rumor, Sweeney’s comments came during an interview with IGN earlier this week.

During the interview, he said that he doesn’t have any “major, major concerns” about the new game.

“I think, again, we’re a little nervous, but I think the game’s just about to start.

We’re not going to have any major, major worries about it.

We don’t have anything major to talk about,” Sweeney told IGN.

“It’s really just about getting it out there.

It has not been put into development yet, but we’re not waiting for a game to come out.

We have a couple of weeks left to get it out.”

Epic Games previously confirmed that the company is working on a new Doom game.

Epic Games, which includes Epic Games of Irvine, CA, was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.