When cobra heroes came out, it was a big deal!

The movie was actually the first in a string of sequels, with the first being released in 1986.

It was a bit of a hit, and the sequel, Cobra Heroes 2, was a box office smash.

The movie was adapted from the popular series of children’s books, Cobra Hero, and featured a series of villains, including the deadly Cobra.

There was also a robot in the movie, called Cobra Hero.

The second movie, Cobra Warrior, was released in 1987.

It followed the adventures of Cobra Warrior as he fought against the alien invaders from another dimension.

The movie had a sequel called Cobra Warrior 2, released in 1993, which starred Michael Douglas as Cobra Warrior.

There are currently no more sequels to Cobra Hero or Cobra Warrior in the world.

However, there was a sequel, The Cobra Hero: War Zone, in 2003, starring the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Jamie Foxx, and John Cena.