What’s next for Cobra Hero? Here’s everything we know so far

Here’s what we know about the upcoming release date of the upcoming sequel to Cobra Hero:Cobra Heroes will be the first action figure from the Cobra Heroes universe.

The line will feature over 50 action figures, from a new hero named the Cobra Hero, to two versions of his signature Cobra helmet and the Cobra helmet plus a new helmet, gloves, boots, cape, and boots.

The newest incarnation of the Cobra hero will also be the most realistic Cobra hero ever.

The hero is based on the original series, but will take cues from the movies and cartoons.

He will wear a full Cobra mask that will include a helmet, mask, gloves and boots with multiple different configurations.

The new character will be based on a character in the movie series, Cobra Jack, who is the main villain in the film series.

The new Cobra Hero will be a member of the Team Cobra, a team of Cobra heroes.

The team is led by a Cobra named Mokul, and features a new villain, the Black Cobra, and a new Cobra mask.

The Black Cobra has his own version of the helmet that can be customized.

The Cobra Hero also will have an upgrade that will make him look even more dangerous.

The Team Cobra will be launching a limited edition of their Cobra Heroes action figures and accessories, starting at $24.99.

The company also revealed a first look at the Black and the Green Cobra hero figures.

Both characters will have the same new look, and both of them will be made out of high quality plastic.

The Black Cobra will come in a variety of sizes and styles, from 6″ tall to 14″ tall, and will have a black, metallic blue, and red color scheme.

The Green Cobra will have green and red colors, and has a metal mask with the words “Tough Guy” and “Razor Guy” engraved on it.

The figures will be available in two sizes: 7″ and 8.5″.

The Black and Green Cobra figure will be limited to 5,000 pieces, while the others will go for $10,000.