Which of the Cobra Heroes will you love the most?

Cobras are the iconic heroes of the DC Comics universe. 

They first appeared in Detective Comics #50 (February, 1952) and then made their big splash with DC’s classic Superheroes series in 1957. 

However, the characters are now being retooled for a new era and are now a part of New 52. 

In the first part of this interview, Cobra Super Hero and Cobra Heroes voice actor David Faustino, talk about what the heroes would look like in the new universe and why they are so popular with fans. 

“There is a sense of urgency to the new characters and that is a big part of the appeal of the Cobras, but there are also the themes of danger, fear and the fear of the unknown,” says Faustino. 

The voice actor also talks about the role that the iconic hero Crocodile played in Coby’s first solo outing in Detective Comics #48 (November, 1952).

“I think he has been the most iconic character in the history of comics, but the truth is that he is a very good one, and the fact that he has played so many roles has really put a lot of emphasis on his character,” Faustino says. 

Crockets and other iconic characters can now also be seen in films, TV series and video games. 

Read more about the characters in the interview. 

Here’s the full interview here. 

You can read the interview in full on the official Cobra Superhero website. 

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